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⚠️ Caution: The windkit is still in development.Prototype not field tested yet!⚠️

Main features:

  • secure
  • easy to build, repair & maintain
  • open-source

Technical specifications:

  • rotor diameter 2.0 Meter
  • rated power 400 Watt
  • an. power production 500 kWh/a @ 4 m/s
  • system voltage 12, 24, 48 Volt

For more information check out the Flyer!

Software requirements

windkit is build with realthunder's FreeCAD fork : FreeCAD_assembly3 2020.08.18. To modify the model we recommend the same or even newer versions. For the assembly process we've been using the assembly workbench Assembly3. The workbench is bundled in the fork mentioned before, no addition installation are needed. In addition we use the Fasteners WB V0.3.32 03 Sep 2020 for fasteners groups, this workbench needs to be installed separatly via the Addon-Manager in Freecad.

Assembly overview

The master assembly file is called MainAssembly.windkit.FCStd. All sub-assemblies are saved in different folders. The sub-assemblies are shown in the following image below. The BOM is also structured the way the Cad is organised.


Beginning of 2021 a prototype has been built in a workshop. The following picture shows all parts of the windkit prototype before assembly.

The next step is to bring the turbine to the field for testing!

Get in touch with us

You wanna know more about this project or drink a beer with us? Just write us a message

windkit is developed by deltaEmpower